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Propack Film UK Ltd; Unit 88, Leyland Trading Estate, Irthlingborough Road,


Tel. No. 01933 275111.


ML30%R (Multi Layer) Polyolefin.


 We stock an extensive range of 5 layer 30% Recycled content POLYOLEFIN shrink films (consumer reclaim), this product is specifically designed for technical applications and is used extensively within the food packaging Industries. These high clarity and exceptionally versatile Films are ideal for point of sale packaging and are available in a wide range of sizes with thickness ranging from 12 to 25 micron. ML30%R is a multi-layer POLYOLEFIN shrink film produced in compliance with EEC and REACH directives; its versatility makes it ideal for both manual and fully automatic machines. ML30%R is available as centre-folded or single wound.  This is an ecologically responsible product carrying the Eco green circle symbol when requested. ML30%R is used extensively for point of sale packaging offering excellent presentation and performance quality to a wide range of goods and commodities. This film is frequently used in the packaging of refrigerated foodstuffs and items of irregular shape.


CR (Cross-Linked) Polyolefin.


 CR POLYOLEFIN is a Multi Layer Cross-Linked POLYOLEFIN and is the highest specification available for Shrink Film Packaging. For superior tensile strength the layers are Irradiated together during the production process to produce the most advanced POLYOLEFIN film product on the market today. The film is ideal for high speed machinery and its exceptional seal strength, pack durability coupled with its puncture resistance will surpass the most stringent pack handling requirements.


LT (Low Temperature) Polyolefin.


 The LT POLYOLEFIN is a relatively new development within the POLYOLEFIN family designed specifically to shrink at a lower temperature setting similar in ratio to the PVC shrink range. This offers heat sensitive products such as confectionery the exceptional finish of our films without compromising the product itself. LT also offers customers with ageing machinery the opportunity to pack its products in POLYOLEFIN due to its ability to shrink at lower temperatures.


Other Polyolefin Products.


 To complete our POLYOLEFIN film product range we are now also supplying Single Wound, Hot-Slip, Low Energy, Anti-Fog and Perforated POLYOLEFIN produced in standard and non-standard sizes exclusively to order and all our Polyolefin films are 100% recyclable



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