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Propack Film UK Ltd; Unit 88, Leyland Trading Estate, Irthlingborough Road,


Tel. No. 01933 275111.


30%R PVC Shrink Film.

30%R PVC Shrink FilmDescription:

 The 30%Recycled content PVC is a soft shrink film based on a PVC compound conforming with both EEC and REACH World wide directives. The film is available in a standard 40:40 shrink ratio. Low shrink is available for use with flimsy products which may curl using a standard shrink material. Anti-static treatment is available if required. Our wide range of shrink films will satisfy all food and non food packaging requirements and applications. The unbeatable shrink speed at low temperatures permits a higher productivity with additional energy saving advantages. The transparency and brightness typical of these films assure an excellent product point of sale presentation. Films are available in thickness ranging from 15 to 50 micron and widths from 50mm to 1260mm, in single wound or centre-folded version for manual and automatic machines use.


SW11 PVC Description:

The SW11 film is used primarily for single-wound applications. The rigid property of SW11 improves its performance on all high-speed machinery.



With the high quality properties the  film can be used on all manual, semi-automatic and automatic shrink lines on the market giving excellent production performances. The film is a food approved shrink film based on a PVC compound in conformity with EEC directives. The film is produced with a 40:40 shrink ratio.



 Shrinkage at low temperature Excellent machine ability Excellent sealing at low temperature with a range of +/- 20 C Excellent clarity and glossUnbeatable product presentation after the quick heat treatment Puncture proof and perfect elasticity Minimization of packing production cost.



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